Welcome to Afiti Bongô

Bring some joy by doing good!

Take responsibility with one of our charity bags. Do good and offer joy. Buy one of our colorful bags or make it a Christmas present. These bags are all made by single mothers in Cameroon. Thus, you support these women and the sales profit goes to Afiti Bongô. THANK YOU!


Become a member of Afiti Bongô and support our projects locally: You can become a member of Afiti Bongô for CHF 100 per year. We offer the following memberships: Basic, Family, Business and VIP Click here to register: Membership.


We depend on donations. You have the possibility to allocate your donation directly to one of our projects. Decide for yourself which project you would like to support. We guarantee that your donation will be 100% allocated to the corresponding project.


Sponsorship is a wonderful way to directly support the development of one or more children. If you want to help one or more of our children financially on their way to independence, then sponsorship is the way to go.


Are you thinking about a legacy? Because you have no legal heirs and want to determine who should inherit? We would be grateful if you contact us directly.