Your support

Thank you for your interest. You have several possibilities to support Afiti Bongô: become a member, support one of our projects in the form of a donation or take over one or more sponsorships. It’s easy: choose, click, pay.


Become a member of Afiti Bongô. With this you support our activities and show us your solidarity. From CHF 100 per year you can become a member. (This is equivalent to one month’s wages for a mum.) You will be invited to our annual meeting once a year to receive as much information about the latest developments at Afiti Bongô.


We are particularly dependent on donations. All posts are very welcome. You can donate for the following purposes: education, nutrition, health, care. The amount of the donation is freely selectable. Just put different options up to your desired amount in the shopping cart. Thank you!


Our work is voluntary, voluntary and unpaid. Therefore, your money directly benefits the children and we guarantee you a careful handling of the donations.


With a sponsorship of CHF 3000 per year, you will take on the personal financial support of one of the children. Of course you can also support several children. Thank you very much!

Charity Produkte

Mit Charity Produkten Verantwortung tragen. Kaufen Sie unsere Taschen und tragen Sie Ihre Unterstützung in die Welt hinaus. Die Taschen werden von alleinerziehenden Mütter mit viel Liebe hergestellt in Kamerun. Herzlichen Dank!